I'm Sam, and my blog. My blog is mostly about Hunger Games and anything related, like Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. Also, I post lots about my awesome Daughter and life as a mommy. And just other random things. Enjoy!


I’ve been having an even harder time sleeping since I started my period. And it sure doesn’t help that the whole time I’ve been on it Shella has been gone.

She comes home tomorrow or early Saturday. Cant wait. And this damn bleeding vagina thing needs to stop. Its gone on far to long.

Trying to find a super dooper easy up do for my shortish hair.

Not easy. Every time I think I can do it I’m like um…no. I have until Saturday to figure something out. And I don’t wanna wear it down because we’re going to an outdoor wedding and I tend to sweat. And I hate having my hair down. 

Don’t know why, just drives me nuts. Probably the sweating. Either way. I think I found something that shouldn’t be to hard. So I’ll try that tomorrow.

I ended up going to the gym tonight.

I hadn’t planned to but I did. I got bored and I’m like might as well. I went to meet up with a friend, but ran into another. One of the preschool moms.

We walked on the treadmills for 45 minutes. I’ve been raising my time by 5 minutes every few visits. 

Then today the preschool mommy asked if I’d do the 30 minute circuits. Which has a bunch of different machines and a bunch of steppers. And I’m like why not. So we did that.

I’m still sweating lol. I’m so glad I did it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be. So I’ll probably do it more.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym again with my grandma. Lol.

We’ll see if I’m sore tomorrow after doing more than just walking tonight. But I feel good. I’m really glad I did more than normal tonight.

I know it’s going to take awhile to see results but damn I hope I see at least a little something soon.