Me, trying to be cool

I'm Sam, and my blog. My blog is mostly about Hunger Games and anything related, like Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. Also, I post lots about my awesome Daughter and life as a mommy. And just other random things. Enjoy!

everlarkinginthedark asked: List 5 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers :)

Hum. Let me think.

1. I love to color.
2. I’m what my friend calls a “preschool mommy” I just want everyone happy.
3. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do.
4. I sleep best on my stomach. But I wake up with a sore back in the morning.
5. I’m a very very very picky eater. And I hate it.

Thank you! I’ll pass it on <3

I live seeing my friend happy but…

I hate that she seems to always have to bring her new everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong he’s amazing. A super nice guy and treats my friend wonderfully.

But he came to our girls night last week where we stuff our faces and watch true blood. Which is fine whatever. But then she was gonna do it again because she let her sister use her cat Eben thought she knew we were doing this tonight.

Just kind of annoying. But we got things figured out so hopefully she’ll not try it again.